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Be Beautiful No Matter What Your Age

Spa de Larissa’s complete line of private label Skin Care Products contains fresh cells, essential oils, plant and fruit extracts that provides an innovative treatment that yields remarkable results. It is a new generation of cellular skin care. These luxurious products enriched with vitamins, minerals, protein, seaweeds and other extensive varieties of botanical ingredients will rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Products with far more than skin maintenance, they are therapeutic and make your skin feel and look sensational!

vita peel equipment

Vita Peel

Microdermabrasion. Advanced microexfoliation system that stimulates cellular regeneration of the skin, fades pigmentation marks and age spots, reduces wrinkles and scars, softens skin, blemishes and stretch marks.

Vita Lift – Electrolifting Nonsurgical Face Lift

This ultramodern device is specifically designed to offer sophisticated aesthetic care treatments. Professional aestheticians now have the ability to propose a wide range of high-performance and safe electrolifting treatments with a computerized system.

By sending an electrochemical, bipolar microcurrent specifically targeting certain facial muscles, the signal initiates a gentle, muscular stimulation exactly as in normal exercise. This process helps restore vitality, strengthens muscles and enhances blood circulation in order to produce a healthy and invigorating effect on the treated area. This is the cutting edge of aesthetic care with treatment possibilities and technology designed for 21 century women and men.