Vitamin C+HA Serum

vitamin c ha serum

Price: $119.80

Skin Type: All; particularly dry, dehydrated, environmentally damaged

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Our highly stable form of vitamin C polypeptide combines with the superb hydrating, softening benefits of plant pseudocollagen and hyaluronic acid in this synergistic treatment that effectively neutralizes free radicals, helps fade appearance of brown spots, brighten skin tone and visibly smoothe fine lines. Multifruit acids increase glycosaminoglycan concentration and collagen synthesis in the skin, promoting healthy skin elasticity. Their ability to accelerate exfoliation levels gives other key ingredients better access to underlying skin structures. An excellent product for preventing the visible consequences of cumulative sun exposure.

After cleansing and toning, apply a drop of serum to forehead, chin, and cheeks. Follow with moisturizer or treatment product appropriate for your skin type.